Keepcoin Launches Community Union

We are very happy to announce the launch of Keepcoin Community Union! 

Keepcoin (KPN) is a community-centric token as we are aiming to empower each and every social media user. 

6% (300 Million) of the KPN tokens are allocated for community development & airdrops, and with the launch of Community Union, we are aiming to build a vibrant community across popular social media platforms, especially Twitter. 

How can you get involved?

In order to receive KPN tokens, all you need to do is to get active on Twitter:

Step 1: Quote Retweet our Pinned Twitter post with your BSC (BEP20) wallet address (No exchange wallets) and tag us + #KeepcoinCommunity $KPN. See Example

Step 2: Join our Telegram:

Step 3: Reply to various relevant Twitter posts (Not our posts) with with unique tweets + #KeepcoinCommunity $KPN, and mention @KeepcoinNetwork. See Example.

Additionally, you can keep retweeting our posts with #KeepcoinCommunity and share our Telegram link ( to invite more people. That’s All!


We will reward active members periodically: every 3 days; every week; every month. 

  • 2 tweets about us will get you 100 KPN (base reward). 
  • Every week, the 5 most active members will receive 1000 KPN each.
  • Every month, the most active member will receive 5000 KPN.

KPN tokens will be transferred on BSC, so please no exchange wallets. 

Thank you for being a Keepcoin Community Member!