Keepcoin fuels the new era of social media influence

The future of commercialized influence is:
  • Truly decentralized and tokenized
  • Transparent, and involves all the stakeholders
  • Audience-oriented

Public Sale will be Coming Soon

KPN Token

We are building a transparent, second layer decentralized ecosystem that addresses the very challenges involved in commercialized influence. With Keepcoin, advertisers will be able to work with influencers on a data-driven and performance-based mechanism; influencers will be able to effectively monetize their influence, and the audiences will have the opportunity to directly engage with, and support influencers. Hence, as an integral part of Keepface ecosystem, Keepcoin creates a tokenized and incentive-based network for all the involved parties.


Keepcoin is the native token of Keepface ecosystem where influencers, advertisers, and the audiences engage in a transparent and incentivized manner. Keepcoin offers a tokenized solution for the existent challenges in commercialized influence. For example:

  • Advertisers have trust concerns when working with influencers given fraudulent Social Media activity, lack of transparency, payment and authenticity issues.
  • Influencers risk losing their credibility, if advertised products do not meet audiences’ expectations.
  • Audiences look for more engagement and connection with the influencers.

Keepcoin will empower advertisers to work with influencers through a decentralized, data-driven and performance-based mechanism; influencers will be able to effectively monetize their influence, and the audiences will have the opportunity to directly engage with, and support their influencers.

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Token sale

Token sale details will be announced soon.

Token structure

Token name: Keepcoin (KPN)
Total supply: 5,000,000,000 KPN
Available for sale: 1,800,000,000 KPN 
Contract address: 0xaC549e0C09547170fA083Ef89Dd45A6C5e00FfA3
Token issuance: New tokens will not be issued
Platform: Binance Chain
Token type: BEP-20
Investors and community
Team and advisors
Contractors and contingency
DEX liquidity pools (max.)
Security and bounties

Budget allocation

  • 54% Technical Development

    Development of the ecosystem according to the roadmap.

  • 22% Business Development

    Involves costs related to the overall growth of the project. B2B communications, partnerships, exchange listings, etc.

  • 20% Marketing and PR

    Costs involved with everything that would spread the word about us, and attract more adoption.

  • 4% Legal and Finance

    Involves costs to handle legal and financial aspects of the company, and its subsidiaries.


Keepface CS
Influencer and advertiser sub-platforms. Influencer audience analytics (Instagram only). Influencer shops.
Milestone 1.1
Enhanced influencer audience analytics, and influencer outreach. In-depth campaign performance tracking.
Milestone 2.1
Implementation of smart matching, keyword monitoring, and the referral system.
Keepface 3.0
Launch of the NFT marketplaces as parts of the influencer shops. All-in-one Keepface app. Completion of the decentralized ecosystem.
Milestone 1
Keepwallet. Partial implementation of the token holder incentives. Integration of enhanced influencer shops with the main platform.
Milestone 2
Launch of the audience and validator panels. Partial implementation of the audience functionalities. Ranked ad affinity.
Milestone 2.2
Full completion of the thorough incentive model for all the user types. Completion of Influencer rating and audience points (levels) systems.

Keepcoin is set to tokenize global social media influence

Our vision entails an all-in-one commercial ecosystem of social media influencers, advertisers, and their audiences where all the participating parties are easily engaged in a transparent and incentivized manner. Our mission is to build that very ecosystem while empowering everyone in the process.
$15 billion

Estimated Influencer Marketing
Industry size


30 Million

Estimated number of influencers
(1000+ followers) across social media networks


4 Billion

Potential audience outreach
of social media influencers

Keepcoin’s core team


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